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Installation Guide

Choosing a setup

There are several ways to install AzerothCore, you need to choose ONE.

These are the officially-supported and complete ways of installing AzerothCore, for any purposes.

  • Azerothcore Classic Setup (Windows, Linux, macOS) - the traditional way of installing AzerothCore. Battle-tested, recommended for all operating systems for any purposes. This process gives more awareness of how AzerothCore is structured. See below in this page.

  • Docker setup - a simplified installation process based on Docker.

  • AzerothCore Bash Dashboard setup - simplest way of installing AzerothCore, recommended for Linux systems for both local development and production. Currently not recommended for Windows or macOS.

Minimal (supported, limited usage)

  • Docker pre-compiled setup - an extremely simple way of installing AzerothCore. Suitable only for bug triaging, bug reporting or domestic usage.

Others (unsupported)

These guides are made by community members and might not be up-to-date:

Azerothcore Classic setup

Every step of the guide is divided in three tabs regarding different operating systems (Linux, macOS and Windows).

The guide has been divided into 8 steps, to make it more readable:

  1. Requirements

  2. Core Installation

  3. Server Setup

  4. Database Installation

  5. Networking

  6. Final Server Steps

  7. Keeping the Server Up-to-Date

  8. Client Setup

Each step can be read independently or you can read them neatly, to gradually get into it and better understand it all.

Tip: If this is your first time installing AzerothCore we recommend that you read every step carefully!


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