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How to ask for help

Need help?

Do you need support with AzerothCore? No worries, we're happy to help you!

Whether you have troubles installing AzerothCore, or you want to ask how-to or generic help questions, we will help you.

We just want you to ask for support in the proper way. Please read this document before asking any help.

FAQ & Common Errors

First of all we recommend that you read the Frequently Asked Questions and the Common Errors to possibly find the solution to your issue.

Why is the "proper way" so important?

If you ask a question directly in the chat, it can get easily lost and you might never be helped unless there is someone online in that specific moment that is able to help you.

If you put your question on StackOverflow it will stay there and someone can help you at any moment. You can also link your question in the chat to give it more visibility. Doesn't make sense for you? Just keep reading.

Also, most of the questions asked by users are repetitive. So we need an efficient way to handle all the support requests. We use StackOverflow for support questions and GitHub for bug reports.

Sounds complicated? Not at all! Just keep reading.

Bug reports

A game feature (e.g. spell/quest/talent/etc..) doesn't work as it is supposed to?

Congratulations! You've just found a bug, please search among the existing issues. There is a good chance that someone else has already reported the same bug that you found, in such case we kindly ask to you to "confirm" it by leaving a comment.

Example: AzerothCore example issue search

If after searching for an existing issue report, you didn't find any, then you should open a new issue.

Other support requests

  • Getting an error while installing AzerothCore?
  • Is there something in the documentation that is not clear for you?
  • Do you want to know how to do something specific with AzerothCore?
  • Are you trying to do something like implementing a new feature, fixing a bug, etc... ?
  • Do you have questions about C++ or SQL code that is related with AzerothCore or other AC custom modules?

this kind of questions are considered support questions, and are handled via StackOverflow. Read below

Do I need to register in StackOverflow?

Not necessarily! If you have a GitHub, Google or a Facebook account, you can already log in StackOverflow (click the Log in button on the top-right corner of the website).


Search among the existing questions

There is a good chance that your question has already been asked by someone else, so please search it on StackOverflow.

For example, are you getting an error from mysql? Search it under the [azerothcore] tag!


Oh, there is already a question! And it has an answer! Let's open it!

How to ask new questions

What if you can't find a question related to my specific problem? Let's open a new question.

Remember to:

  • Add a descriptive message.

    • Bad example I got DB error plz help me.
    • Good example: After importing the sql updates, I get the error "XXX"
  • Don't forget the [azerothcore] tag!

    • image
  • It's useful to add 4 more tags according to the category of your question (e.g. c++, cmake, docker, mysql, sql, etc... ).

  • Link your question in the #support-general channel of our Discord chat

  • Read:

  • Do NOT include any error or code as image, instead include them as text

  • Add as many links, examples and details as possible. Make your question technical.

Please put some effort in properly formatting your question, otherwise it will be closed.

Share your knowledge!

Do you have anything to share with the community? Do you feel like some information could be useful to someone else (or to yourself in the future)? Have you solved a problem that took a while to figure out?

Ask a question on StackOverflow and then answer it yourself! Is it allowed? Yes it is! Read this:


Examples of well-asked questions: