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Server Setup

Installation Guide
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Now that you have the source compiled, you need to add some necessary files, by either downloading or extracting them.

Some files are optional but highly recommended:

dbc Mandatory
maps Mandatory
cameras Recommended


If you do not want to extract these files using the extractors you can find download links here:

Github link:

Full data (v16) - from 02/01/2023 to now (RECOMMENDED - Used in the automatic downloader script in /apps/)

  1. Download the files above.

  2. Create a new folder within the build folder called Data. i.e E:\Build\AzerothCore\RelWithDebInfo\Data

  3. Extract the files from the zip file and place them within the Data folder.

  4. Edit your the DataDir config option to the location of your folder.

Extractors (Not needed if you downloaded the files above)

If you downloaded the files above you can skip this step and jump forward to worldserver.conf / authserver.conf.

This part is just a general summary of the overall process - please read it more detailed for the OS you are working with.

Linux Server Setup

macOS Server Setup

Windows Server Setup

AzerothCore needs certain files extracted from the World of Warcraft client. You need to extract them from a 3.3.5a client.

By default you will compile your core with tools and you will get the following executable files: mapextractor, vmap4extractor, vmap4assembler, mmaps_generator (.exe on windows).

Place the files with your World of Warcraft binary (wow.exe on windows) and run them.

After extracting all necessary files, create a folder called Data within the RelWithDebInfo or Debug directory and place the files in there. Alternatively you can specify a different directory where you want to keep them by changing DataDir value in the worldserver.conf file.

If you use extractors from other projects or branches it is almost certain that your AzerothCore will not recognize the extracted data or even work!

When this is complete you may receive the following message which can be safely ignored:

Processing Map 724
Extracting GameObject models...Extracting World\Wmo\Band\Final_Stage.wmo
No such file.
Couldn't open RootWmo!!!
Extract V4.00 2012_02. Work complete. No errors.

Trouble Shooting

"Unable to open wmo_list.txt! Nothing extracted."

You need to run Mapextractor.exe before the makevmaps_simple.bat.

Config Files worldserver.conf / authserver.conf

Creating the config files

  1. Make copies of both .dist files.

  2. From each copy, remove the .dist part.

Open the .conf files and scroll down to LoginDatabaseInfo, WorldDatabaseInfo, and CharacterDatabaseInfo and enter MySQL login information for the server to be able to access your database.

On a newly compiled configuration, you will have the following values by default

LoginDatabaseInfo     = ";3306;acore;acore;acore_auth" worldserver.conf / authserver.conf
WorldDatabaseInfo     = ";3306;acore;acore;acore_world" worldserver.conf
CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;acore;acore;acore_characters" worldserver.conf

They follow this structure:

Variablename = "MySQLIP;Port;Username;Password;database"  

The following steps must be verified:

  • The hostname ( can stay the same if AzerothCore is being installed on the same computer that you run WoW on. Otherwise, follow the instruction in Realmlist Table if this is not the case.

  • The port (3306) is the standard configured value. If you changed the default port in your mysql settings, you must change it accordingly. The username and password can be variable. You can choose to either:

    • use default acore / acore username and password pair.

    • create an unique login within a User Manager within your preferred database management tool (commonly identified by an icon that looks like a person or people) and give it necessary permissions (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE permissions are sufficient, and is much safer).

Updating DataDir

  1. In your worldserver.conf file locate DataDir option.

  2. Edit it to the path of your folder. i.e E:\AzerothCore\RelWithDebInfo\Data

Pro Tip: For most worldserver.conf setting changes, you can simply type .reload config in-game to see changes instantly without restarting the server.

NOTE: The AzerothCore Team and Owners DO NOT in any case sponsor nor support illegal public servers. If you use these projects to run an illegal public server and not for testing and learning it is your own personal choice.


If you are still having problems, check:

Installation Guide
This article is a part of the Installation Guide. You can read it alone or click on the previous link to easily move between the steps.
<< Step 2: Core Installation Step 4: Database Installation >>