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Issue Tracker Standards

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Always search for existing issues before you report your problem or incident.

All reports are public. Never leave passwords or other confidential information visible in your report.

Never upload files into issues! Use GIST for text and YouTube for video!

Self Checklist

  • Am I using the latest version/revision of AzerothCore? Do you need to update and test again before reporting?

  • Am I using any custom modifications to the database or core that could cause the issue?

  • Am I using any module that could cause the issue?

  • Did I include which revision/hash/commit I am on?

  • Did I include which database version I am using?

  • Did I include which operating system I am using?

  • Did I include steps to reproduce the issue?

  • Did I explain what is wrong and what is the expected behavior?

  • Did I only report one bug per issue?

Issue template:

Thank you for taking the time to fill out a bug report. Remember to fill out all fields including the title above.
An issue that is not properly filled out will be closed.
You can read more about the standards for a bug report [here](

**Current Behaviour**
Description of the problem or issue here.
Include entries of affected creatures / items / quests / spells etc.
If this is a crash, post the crashlog (upload to and include the link here.

**Expected Blizzlike Behaviour**
Tell us what should happen instead.

If you have a source that proves how it is supposed to work, please add that to make it easier for devs to fix the issue.

**Steps to reproduce the problem**
What does someone else need to do to encounter the same bug?


**Extra Notes**
Do you have any extra notes that can help solve the issue that does not fit any other field?

**AC rev. hash/commit**
Copy the result of the .server debug command (if you need to run it from the client get a prat addon)

**Operating System**
Operating System, i.e. Windows 10 x64, Debian 10 x64, etc

**Custom changes or modules**
List which custom changes or modules you have applied, i.e. Eluna module, etc.

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