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AC Database-only quick setup

This tutorial explains how to quickly setup an instance of the AC Database.


Sometimes you need an AzerothCore DB up and running without having to setup the whole server, for example to use applications like Keira3 or similar.

With this setup, you do not have to install MySQL server in your system.


The only requirements are git and Docker (including docker-compose). You can find the links to setup Docker for your operating system in the "Software requirements" category of this page.

Clone the AC sources

You need to clone the AC sources somewhere in your machine and cd into it:

git clone;
cd azerothcore-wotlk;

How to quickly spin up an AzerothCore Database instance

You can easily create an instance of MySQL server containing the AC database using:

docker-compose up -d ac-database

The default password will be password and the default port will be 3306.

If you want to change those values, run the following instead:

DOCKER_DB_EXTERNAL_PORT=9000 DOCKER_DB_ROOT_PASSWORD=root docker-compose up -d ac-database

After the db service is up and running, use the following command to import the database

docker-compose run --rm ac-dev-server ./ db-assembler import-all

This will import all the sql files needed to setup your database

NOTE: The same command can be used to keep the database updated with latest changes when you update the repository

Destroy the docker instance of the AC Database

You can destroy the containers created with docker-compose using:

docker-compose down