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The `broadcast_text_locale` table


This table will have localized texts for `broadcast_text` table. Used in gossipscreature texts and npc_texts.

Its purpose is (will be) used as a globalized table containing the localized texts as mentionned above.


Field Type Key Null Default Extra Comment
ID mediumint(8) PRI NO 0    
locale varchar(4) PRI NO NULL    
MaleText text   YES NULL    
FemaleText text   YES NULL    
VerifiedBuild smallint(5)   YES 0    

Description of the fields



The unique ID value for the text, pointing to ID of the text at broadcast_text table.


The language in what the text will be broadcasted. Can have 8 values : deDE, esES, esMX, frFR, koKR, ruRU, zhCN, zhTW


The localized text that the male creature will broadcast, or male players can read from gossip menu.


The localized text that the female creature will broadcast, or female players can read from gossip menu.


This field is used by the AzerothCore Team to determine whether a template has been verified from WDB files (ADB files for this one).

If value is 0 then it has not been parsed yet.

If value is above 0 then it has been parsed with WDB files from that specific client build.

If value is -1 then it is just a place holder until proper data are found on WDBs.

If value is -Client Build then it was parsed with WDB files from that specific client build and manually edited later for some special necessity.