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Best Practices

A collection of best practices to use AzerothCore.

Custom changes

  • NEVER add custom changes to the AzerothCore sources. Create modules instead.

If you need new hooks to implement your custom changes into modules, feel free to send a PR that implements them.


  1. keeping your base source code clean will make it easier for you to update it
  2. keeping your customizations into modules will allow you to easily enable/disable them to troubleshoot any potential issue
  3. modularized software is much easier to maintain

Pull Requests (PR)

  • Update your fork to the latest Master branch.


  1. Helps preventing merge conflicts
  2. You will implement (and test) your changes as they were applied to latest master version
  • NEVER push changes to the master branch. Aalways your master branch clean.

When you create a new PR, do git checkout master and create a new branch using git checkout -b new-branch.


  1. This will allow you to create multiple PRs that are independent from each other
  2. This will allow you to easily update your branches with latest master by first synching your fork and then merging master into your PR branches.