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BASH system

AzerothCore uses an advanced bash system that allows us to automate processes such as the sources compilation, module installation, database setup etc.

For now we are using bash instead of Python to reduce external dependencies since BASH is a crossplatform scripting language that is already included with OSX, Linux and Windows (via GIT BASH that we ask you to install in our requirements).

You can read the official bash documentation here:


Our azerothcore related bash scripts can be found inside the /app folder, but we also created a script called within the root folder. This script runs a dashboard that contains the commands to run all scripts related to the /app folder.

run ./ --help for the entire list of the available commands.


The /conf folder available in our project root directory is used to give you the possibility to change configurations for all our bash scripts

Interactive mode

run ./ and you can use the dashboard in interactive mode: you can navigate within the dashboard menu and sub-menu and run the command you need

Command arguments

You can use the commands of the dashboard as arguments of the ./ script. For instance:

./ compiler configure will run the configuration process of our c++ compiler

All commands come with a shorter alias. For example ./ c configure will run the compiler configuration, but also ./ 5 3 will do it.


Our bash system uses external bash libraries that are generic and not related to the azerothcore itself, those libraries have been created by us and have been placed under /deps folder


Internal Hook system for bash

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