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The `autobroadcast` table

This table contains the autobroadcast entries for your realms. Values like it's activity, position and Timer (*.On, *.Center, *.Timer) are defined within the worldserver.conf. They are chosen randomly, based on their weight.


Field Type Attributes Key Null Default Extra Comment
realmid int(11) signed PRI NO -1
id tinyint(3) unsigned PRI NO auto_increment
weight tinyint(3) unsigned YES 1
text longtext NO

Description of the fields


The Defines which realm this entry belongs to. Use -1 for all realms to load this entry.


Unique identifier key per realm. Entries with same id will override each other without warnings - this can be used to replace -1 realmid entry on a specific realm.


A non-negative integer. Entries with higher weight have more chance to get picked.


The text to broadcast. Color and item/spell/quest link formating codes can be used.