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The `acore_string` table

This table holds all of the strings used internally by the server. This table is provided with the main purpose of translation in mind.

To see which locale IDs correspond to what languages, visit the Localization_lang page.

NOTE: The % arguments need to stay in the exact same order as they are provided by default in the English translation.


Field Type Attributes Key Null Default Comment
entry mediumint unsigned PRI NO 0
content_default text signed NO
locale_koKR text signed YES
locale_frFR text signed YES
locale_deDE text signed YES
locale_zhCN text signed YES
locale_zhTW text signed YES
locale_esES text signed YES
locale_esMX text signed YES
locale_ruRU text signed YES

Description of the fields


The ID that the core uses to identify a string. These IDs are contained and used internally and need to correspond to what the core expects. The core will not operate if all IDs aren't in this table.


The English translation (locale ID 0).


The translation in another language depending on the locale name.