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Solid base

AzerothCore has a strong and solid base, coming from years of development: it is based on MaNGOS, TrinityCore and SunwellCore.
We're improving this reliability with continuous development and strict rules to get code merged into the master branch.


We make sure all changes pass the CIs before being merged into the master branch.

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Open Source

The new AzerothCore source components are released under the GNU AGPL 3.0 The old sources based on MaNGOS/TrinityCore are released under the GNU GPL 2.0, both those licenses are totally free and open source.

Blizzlike Content

We strive to make all in-game content to be blizzlike. Therefore we have a high standard for fixes being made.

Community driven

AzerothCore has an active community of developers, contributors, and users who collaborate, share knowledge, and provide support through forums, Discord channels, and other communication platforms. If you want to contribute, we'd love it!


AzerothCore is designed to be highly modular, allowing developers to extend and customize the game to suit their preferences or create unique gameplay experiences. This flexibility enables the addition of custom features, content, and modifications. Read More...

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