Complete Open Source and Modular solution for MMO

Solid base

AzerothCore has a strong and solid base, coming from years of development: it is based on MaNGOS, TrinityCore and SunwellCore.
We're improving this reliability offering a project that follows specific versioning rules, allowing you to develop in the right way.


Our main goal is to provide a fully working and playable server application.
Unlike our predecessors, any code change that can somehow affect the gameplay is first reviewed and tested before being released to our master branch.

Open Source

AzerothCore modules are released under GNU AGPL 3.0 and GNU GPL 2.0, both those licenses are totally free and open source. We believe in the free software, we love cooperation.

Tested, reliable, updated

SunwellCore, the father of AzerothCore, had been running with thousands of players for years. The goal of AzerothCore is to keep this game application updated, continuing its development.


The main strength of AzerothCore is its community. Users can help us by improving our code base or simply by submitting any bug report. If you want to contribute, we'd love it!


We try to make our software as modular as possible, because modular software is much easier to extend. Read More...

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