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npc_jungle_punch_target::npc_jungle_punch_targetAI Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for npc_jungle_punch_target::npc_jungle_punch_targetAI:
ScriptedAI CreatureAI UnitAI

Public Member Functions

 npc_jungle_punch_targetAI (Creature *creature)
void Reset () override
void MoveInLineOfSight (Unit *who) override
void proceedCwEvent (const uint32 diff)
void UpdateAI (uint32 diff) override
void SpellHit (Unit *caster, SpellInfo const *spellInfo) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from ScriptedAI
 ScriptedAI (Creature *creature)
 ~ScriptedAI () override
void AttackStartNoMove (Unit *target)
void DamageTaken (Unit *, uint32 &, DamageEffectType, SpellSchoolMask) override
void UpdateAI (uint32 diff) override
void JustDied (Unit *) override
void KilledUnit (Unit *) override
void JustSummoned (Creature *) override
void SummonedCreatureDespawn (Creature *) override
void SpellHit (Unit *, SpellInfo const *) override
void SpellHitTarget (Unit *, SpellInfo const *) override
void MovementInform (uint32, uint32) override
void OnPossess (bool)
bool IsInRoom (const Position *pos, Axis axis, bool above)
void Reset () override
void JustEngagedWith (Unit *) override
 Called for reaction when initially engaged.
void AttackStart (Unit *) override
void DoStartMovement (Unit *target, float distance=0.0f, float angle=0.0f)
void DoStartNoMovement (Unit *target)
void DoStopAttack ()
void DoCastSpell (Unit *target, SpellInfo const *spellInfo, bool triggered=false)
void DoPlaySoundToSet (WorldObject *source, uint32 soundId)
void DoPlayMusic (uint32 soundId, bool zone)
void DoAddThreat (Unit *unit, float amount)
void DoModifyThreatByPercent (Unit *unit, int32 pct)
void DoResetThreat (Unit *unit)
void DoResetThreatList ()
float DoGetThreat (Unit *unit)
void DoTeleportPlayer (Unit *unit, float x, float y, float z, float o)
void DoTeleportAll (float x, float y, float z, float o)
UnitDoSelectLowestHpFriendly (float range, uint32 minHPDiff=1)
std::list< Creature * > DoFindFriendlyCC (float range)
std::list< Creature * > DoFindFriendlyMissingBuff (float range, uint32 spellId)
PlayerGetPlayerAtMinimumRange (float minRange)
CreatureDoSpawnCreature (uint32 entry, float offsetX, float offsetY, float offsetZ, float angle, uint32 type, uint32 despawntime)
bool HealthBelowPct (uint32 pct) const
bool HealthAbovePct (uint32 pct) const
SpellInfo const * SelectSpell (Unit *target, uint32 school, uint32 mechanic, SelectTargetType targets, uint32 powerCostMin, uint32 powerCostMax, float rangeMin, float rangeMax, SelectEffect effect)
void SetEquipmentSlots (bool loadDefault, int32 mainHand=EQUIP_NO_CHANGE, int32 offHand=EQUIP_NO_CHANGE, int32 ranged=EQUIP_NO_CHANGE)
void SetCombatMovement (bool allowMovement)
bool IsCombatMovementAllowed () const
virtual bool CheckEvadeIfOutOfCombatArea () const
bool IsHeroic () const
Difficulty GetDifficulty () const
bool Is25ManRaid () const
template<class T >
const T & DUNGEON_MODE (const T &normal5, const T &heroic10) const
template<class T >
const T & RAID_MODE (const T &normal10, const T &normal25) const
template<class T >
const T & RAID_MODE (const T &normal10, const T &normal25, const T &heroic10, const T &heroic25) const
PlayerSelectTargetFromPlayerList (float maxdist, uint32 excludeAura=0, bool mustBeInLOS=false) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CreatureAI
void Talk (uint8 id, WorldObject const *whisperTarget=nullptr, Milliseconds delay=0s)
 Causes the creature to talk/say the text assigned to their entry in the creature_text database table.
void Talk (uint8 id, Milliseconds delay)
 CreatureAI (Creature *creature)
 ~CreatureAI () override
void MoveCircleChecks ()
void MoveBackwardsChecks ()
void MoveInLineOfSight_Safe (Unit *who)
 == Reactions At =================================
void TriggerAlert (Unit const *who) const
virtual bool CanRespawn ()
virtual void EnterEvadeMode (EvadeReason why=EVADE_REASON_OTHER)
virtual void JustEngagedWith (Unit *)
 Called for reaction when initially engaged.
virtual void JustDied (Unit *)
virtual void KilledUnit (Unit *)
virtual void JustSummoned (Creature *)
virtual void IsSummonedBy (WorldObject *)
virtual void SummonedCreatureDespawn (Creature *)
virtual void SummonedCreatureDies (Creature *, Unit *)
virtual void SummonedCreatureDespawnAll ()
virtual void SpellHit (Unit *, SpellInfo const *)
virtual void SpellHitTarget (Unit *, SpellInfo const *)
virtual void AttackedBy (Unit *)
virtual bool IsEscorted ()
virtual void JustRespawned ()
virtual void MovementInform (uint32, uint32)
virtual void PathEndReached (uint32)
void OnCharmed (bool apply) override
virtual void JustReachedHome ()
void DoZoneInCombat (Creature *creature=nullptr, float maxRangeToNearestTarget=250.0f)
virtual void ReceiveEmote (Player *, uint32)
virtual void OwnerAttackedBy (Unit *)
virtual void OwnerAttacked (Unit *)
virtual void CorpseRemoved (uint32 &)
 == Triggered Actions Requested ==================
virtual void PassengerBoarded (Unit *, int8, bool)
 == Fields =======================================
virtual bool BeforeSpellClick (Unit *)
virtual void OnSpellClick (Unit *, bool &)
virtual bool CanSeeAlways (WorldObject const *)
virtual bool CanBeSeen (Player const *)
virtual bool CanAlwaysBeDetectable (WorldObject const *)
virtual void PetStopAttack ()
virtual bool CheckInRoom ()
CreatureBoundary const * GetBoundary () const
void SetBoundary (CreatureBoundary const *boundary, bool negativeBoundaries=false)
bool IsInBoundary (Position const *who=nullptr) const
virtual void CalculateThreat (Unit *, float &, SpellInfo const *)
virtual bool OnTeleportUnreacheablePlayer (Player *)
- Public Member Functions inherited from UnitAI
 UnitAI (Unit *unit)
virtual ~UnitAI ()
virtual bool CanAIAttack (Unit const *) const
virtual void AttackStart (Unit *)
virtual void UpdateAI (uint32)=0
virtual void InitializeAI ()
virtual void Reset ()
virtual void OnCharmed (bool apply)=0
virtual void DoAction (int32)
virtual uint32 GetData (uint32) const
virtual void SetData (uint32, uint32)
virtual void SetGUID (ObjectGuid, int32=0)
virtual ObjectGuid GetGUID (int32=0) const
UnitSelectTarget (SelectTargetMethod targetType, uint32 position=0, float dist=0.0f, bool playerOnly=false, bool withTank=true, int32 aura=0)
template<class PREDICATE >
UnitSelectTarget (SelectTargetMethod targetType, uint32 position, PREDICATE const &predicate)
void SelectTargetList (std::list< Unit * > &targetList, uint32 num, SelectTargetMethod targetType, uint32 position=0, float dist=0.0f, bool playerOnly=false, bool withTank=true, int32 aura=0)
template<class PREDICATE >
void SelectTargetList (std::list< Unit * > &targetList, uint32 num, SelectTargetMethod targetType, uint32 position, PREDICATE const &predicate)
virtual void JustEnteredCombat (Unit *)
 Called when the unit enters combat (NOTE: Creature engage logic should NOT be here, but in JustEngagedWith, which happens once threat is established!)
virtual void JustExitedCombat ()
 Called when the unit leaves combat.
virtual void DamageDealt (Unit *, uint32 &, DamageEffectType)
virtual void DamageTaken (Unit *, uint32 &, DamageEffectType, SpellSchoolMask)
virtual void HealReceived (Unit *, uint32 &)
virtual void HealDone (Unit *, uint32 &)
void AttackStartCaster (Unit *victim, float dist)
SpellCastResult DoAddAuraToAllHostilePlayers (uint32 spellid)
SpellCastResult DoCast (uint32 spellId)
SpellCastResult DoCast (Unit *victim, uint32 spellId, bool triggered=false)
SpellCastResult DoCastSelf (uint32 spellId, bool triggered=false)
SpellCastResult DoCastToAllHostilePlayers (uint32 spellid, bool triggered=false)
SpellCastResult DoCastVictim (uint32 spellId, bool triggered=false)
SpellCastResult DoCastAOE (uint32 spellId, bool triggered=false)
SpellCastResult DoCastRandomTarget (uint32 spellId, uint32 threatTablePosition=0, float dist=0.0f, bool playerOnly=true, bool triggered=false)
SpellCastResult DoCastMaxThreat (uint32 spellId, uint32 threatTablePosition=0, float dist=0.0f, bool playerOnly=true, bool triggered=false)
 Cast spell on the max threat target, which may not always be the current victim.
float DoGetSpellMaxRange (uint32 spellId, bool positive=false)
void DoMeleeAttackIfReady ()
bool DoSpellAttackIfReady (uint32 spell)
void DoSpellAttackToRandomTargetIfReady (uint32 spell, uint32 threatTablePosition=0, float dist=0.f, bool playerOnly=true)
virtual void SummonMovementInform (Creature *, uint32, uint32)
virtual void sGossipHello (Player *)
virtual void sGossipSelect (Player *, uint32, uint32)
virtual void sGossipSelectCode (Player *, uint32, uint32, char const *)
virtual void sQuestAccept (Player *, Quest const *)
virtual void sQuestSelect (Player *, Quest const *)
virtual void sQuestComplete (Player *, Quest const *)
virtual void sQuestReward (Player *, Quest const *, uint32)
virtual void sOnGameEvent (bool, uint16)
virtual std::string GetDebugInfo () const

Private Attributes

uint16 sayTimer
uint8 sayStep
uint32 timer
int8 phase
ObjectGuid playerGUID
ObjectGuid orphanGUID

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ScriptedAI
enum class  Axis {
  AXIS_X ,
- Public Types inherited from CreatureAI
enum  EvadeReason {
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CreatureAI
static bool IsInBounds (CreatureBoundary const &boundary, Position const *who)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from UnitAI
static void FillAISpellInfo ()
- Public Attributes inherited from ScriptedAI
bool IsFleeing
- Static Public Attributes inherited from UnitAI
static AISpellInfoTypeAISpellInfo
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CreatureAI
bool UpdateVictim ()
bool UpdateVictimWithGaze ()
void SetGazeOn (Unit *target)
CreatureDoSummon (uint32 entry, Position const &pos, uint32 despawnTime=30000, TempSummonType summonType=TEMPSUMMON_CORPSE_TIMED_DESPAWN)
CreatureDoSummon (uint32 entry, WorldObject *obj, float radius=5.0f, uint32 despawnTime=30000, TempSummonType summonType=TEMPSUMMON_CORPSE_TIMED_DESPAWN)
CreatureDoSummonFlyer (uint32 entry, WorldObject *obj, float flightZ, float radius=5.0f, uint32 despawnTime=30000, TempSummonType summonType=TEMPSUMMON_CORPSE_TIMED_DESPAWN)
virtual void MoveInLineOfSight (Unit *)
bool _EnterEvadeMode (EvadeReason why=EVADE_REASON_OTHER)
- Protected Attributes inherited from CreatureAI
Creature *const me
EventMap events
CreatureBoundary const * _boundary
bool _negateBoundary
- Protected Attributes inherited from UnitAI
Unit *const me

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ npc_jungle_punch_targetAI()

npc_jungle_punch_target::npc_jungle_punch_targetAI::npc_jungle_punch_targetAI ( Creature creature)
870: ScriptedAI(creature) { }
Definition: ScriptedCreature.h:192

Member Function Documentation

◆ MoveInLineOfSight()

void npc_jungle_punch_target::npc_jungle_punch_targetAI::MoveInLineOfSight ( Unit who)

Reimplemented from CreatureAI.

883 {
884 if (!phase && who && who->GetDistance2d(me) < 10.0f)
885 if (Player* player = who->ToPlayer())
887 {
888 playerGUID = player->GetGUID();
889 if (Aura* orphanOut = player->GetAura(SPELL_ORPHAN_OUT))
890 if (orphanOut->GetCaster() && orphanOut->GetCaster()->GetEntry() == ORPHAN_WOLVAR)
891 {
892 orphanGUID = orphanOut->GetCaster()->GetGUID();
893 phase = 1;
894 }
895 }
896 }
Definition: QuestDef.h:103
Definition: boss_skadi.cpp:102
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:851
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:853
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:849
Creature * me
Definition: ScriptedCreature.h:282
Player * ToPlayer()
Definition: Object.h:195
float GetDistance2d(WorldObject const *obj) const
Definition: Object.cpp:1263
Definition: Player.h:1046
Definition: SpellAuras.h:87
ObjectGuid orphanGUID
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:1023
ObjectGuid playerGUID
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:1022

References WorldObject::GetDistance2d(), ScriptedAI::me, ORPHAN_WOLVAR, orphanGUID, playerGUID, QUEST_STATUS_INCOMPLETE, QUEST_THE_MIGHTY_HEMET_NESINGWARY, SPELL_ORPHAN_OUT, and Object::ToPlayer().

◆ proceedCwEvent()

void npc_jungle_punch_target::npc_jungle_punch_targetAI::proceedCwEvent ( const uint32  diff)
899 {
900 if (timer <= diff)
901 {
905 if (!orphan || !player)
906 {
907 Reset();
908 return;
909 }
911 switch (phase)
912 {
913 case 1:
914 orphan->GetMotionMaster()->MovePoint(0, me->GetPositionX() + cos(me->GetOrientation()) * 5, me->GetPositionY() + std::sin(me->GetOrientation()) * 5, me->GetPositionZ());
915 orphan->AI()->Talk(TEXT_WOLVAR_ORPHAN_6);
916 timer = 5000;
917 break;
918 case 2:
919 orphan->SetFacingToObject(me);
920 orphan->AI()->Talk(TEXT_WOLVAR_ORPHAN_7);
921 timer = 5000;
922 break;
923 case 3:
925 timer = 5000;
926 break;
927 case 4:
928 orphan->AI()->Talk(TEXT_WOLVAR_ORPHAN_8);
929 timer = 5000;
930 break;
931 case 5:
932 orphan->AI()->Talk(TEXT_WOLVAR_ORPHAN_9);
933 timer = 5000;
934 break;
935 case 6:
938 Reset();
939 return;
940 }
941 ++phase;
942 }
943 else
944 timer -= diff;
945 }
Definition: PetDefines.h:194
Definition: PetDefines.h:193
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:857
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:858
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:855
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:859
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:860
Definition: boss_fathomlord_karathress.cpp:23
Creature * GetCreature(WorldObject const &u, ObjectGuid const guid)
Definition: ObjectAccessor.cpp:215
Player * GetPlayer(Map const *, ObjectGuid const guid)
Definition: ObjectAccessor.cpp:225
void Talk(uint8 id, WorldObject const *whisperTarget=nullptr, Milliseconds delay=0s)
Causes the creature to talk/say the text assigned to their entry in the creature_text database table.
Definition: CreatureAI.cpp:50
Definition: Creature.h:46
CreatureAI * AI() const
Definition: Creature.h:135
float GetPositionZ() const
Definition: Position.h:119
float GetOrientation() const
Definition: Position.h:120
float GetPositionX() const
Definition: Position.h:117
float GetPositionY() const
Definition: Position.h:118
void GroupEventHappens(uint32 questId, WorldObject const *pEventObject)
Definition: PlayerQuest.cpp:1802
MotionMaster * GetMotionMaster()
Definition: Unit.h:2262
void SetFacingToObject(WorldObject *object)
Definition: Unit.cpp:20792
void MoveFollow(Unit *target, float dist, float angle, MovementSlot slot=MOTION_SLOT_ACTIVE)
Definition: MotionMaster.cpp:367
void MovePoint(uint32 id, const Position &pos, bool generatePath=true, bool forceDestination=true)
Definition: MotionMaster.h:210
uint32 timer
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:1020
void Reset() override
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:872
int8 phase
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:1021

References Creature::AI(), ObjectAccessor::GetCreature(), Unit::GetMotionMaster(), Position::GetOrientation(), ObjectAccessor::GetPlayer(), Position::GetPositionX(), Position::GetPositionY(), Position::GetPositionZ(), Player::GroupEventHappens(), ScriptedAI::me, MotionMaster::MoveFollow(), MotionMaster::MovePoint(), orphanGUID, PET_FOLLOW_ANGLE, PET_FOLLOW_DIST, phase, playerGUID, QUEST_THE_MIGHTY_HEMET_NESINGWARY, Reset(), Unit::SetFacingToObject(), CreatureAI::Talk(), TEXT_NESINGWARY_1, TEXT_WOLVAR_ORPHAN_6, TEXT_WOLVAR_ORPHAN_7, TEXT_WOLVAR_ORPHAN_8, TEXT_WOLVAR_ORPHAN_9, and timer.

Referenced by UpdateAI().

◆ Reset()

void npc_jungle_punch_target::npc_jungle_punch_targetAI::Reset ( )

Reimplemented from ScriptedAI.

873 {
874 sayTimer = 3500;
875 sayStep = 0;
876 timer = 0;
877 phase = 0;
880 }
void Clear()
Definition: ObjectGuid.h:140
uint8 sayStep
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:1019
uint16 sayTimer
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:1018

References ObjectGuid::Clear(), orphanGUID, playerGUID, sayStep, sayTimer, and timer.

Referenced by proceedCwEvent().

◆ SpellHit()

void npc_jungle_punch_target::npc_jungle_punch_targetAI::SpellHit ( Unit caster,
SpellInfo const *  spellInfo 

Reimplemented from ScriptedAI.

986 {
987 if (spellInfo->Id != SPELL_OFFER)
988 return;
990 Player* player = caster->ToPlayer();
991 if (!player)
992 return;
994 Quest const* quest = sObjectMgr->GetQuestTemplate(QUEST_TASTE_TEST);
995 if (!quest)
996 return;
998 QuestStatusMap::const_iterator itr = player->getQuestStatusMap().find(QUEST_TASTE_TEST);
999 if (itr->second.Status != QUEST_STATUS_INCOMPLETE)
1000 return;
1002 for (uint8 i = 0; i < 3; ++i)
1003 {
1004 if (uint32(quest->RequiredNpcOrGo[i]) != me->GetEntry())
1005 continue;
1007 if (itr->second.CreatureOrGOCount[i] != 0)
1008 continue;
1010 player->KilledMonsterCredit(me->GetEntry());
1011 player->Say(SAY_OFFER);
1012 sayStep = 1;
1013 break;
1014 }
1015 }
std::uint8_t uint8
Definition: Define.h:110
std::uint32_t uint32
Definition: Define.h:108
#define sObjectMgr
Definition: ObjectMgr.h:1640
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:833
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:834
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:844
uint32 GetEntry() const
Definition: Object.h:109
void KilledMonsterCredit(uint32 entry, ObjectGuid guid=ObjectGuid::Empty)
Definition: PlayerQuest.cpp:1911
QuestStatusMap & getQuestStatusMap()
Definition: Player.h:1585
void Say(std::string_view text, Language language, WorldObject const *=nullptr) override
Handles said message in regular chat based on declared language and in config pre-defined Range.
Definition: Player.cpp:9230
Definition: QuestDef.h:207
Definition: QuestDef.h:301

References Object::GetEntry(), Player::getQuestStatusMap(), SpellInfo::Id, Player::KilledMonsterCredit(), ScriptedAI::me, QUEST_STATUS_INCOMPLETE, QUEST_TASTE_TEST, Quest::RequiredNpcOrGo, Player::Say(), SAY_OFFER, sayStep, sObjectMgr, SPELL_OFFER, and Object::ToPlayer().

◆ UpdateAI()

void npc_jungle_punch_target::npc_jungle_punch_targetAI::UpdateAI ( uint32  diff)

Reimplemented from ScriptedAI.

948 {
949 if (phase)
950 proceedCwEvent(diff);
952 if (!sayStep)
953 return;
955 if (sayTimer < diff)
956 {
957 if (sayStep == 2)
958 {
961 }
962 else if (sayStep == 3)
963 {
964 if (me->GetEntry() == NPC_HEMET)
966 else if (me->GetEntry() == NPC_HADRIUS)
967 {
969 me->CastSpell(me, SPELL_KNOCKDOWN, false);
970 }
971 SetEquipmentSlots(true);
972 }
975 sayTimer = 6000;
976 sayStep++;
978 if (sayStep > 3) // end
979 sayStep = 0;
980 }
981 else
982 sayTimer -= diff;
983 }
Definition: CreatureAI.h:66
Definition: Unit.h:126
Definition: Unit.h:127
Definition: Unit.h:128
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:827
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:836
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:832
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:830
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:829
void SetEquipmentSlots(bool loadDefault, int32 mainHand=EQUIP_NO_CHANGE, int32 offHand=EQUIP_NO_CHANGE, int32 ranged=EQUIP_NO_CHANGE)
Definition: ScriptedCreature.cpp:495
virtual void SetSheath(SheathState sheathed)
Definition: Unit.h:1492
SpellCastResult CastSpell(SpellCastTargets const &targets, SpellInfo const *spellInfo, CustomSpellValues const *value, TriggerCastFlags triggerFlags=TRIGGERED_NONE, Item *castItem=nullptr, AuraEffect const *triggeredByAura=nullptr, ObjectGuid originalCaster=ObjectGuid::Empty)
Definition: Unit.cpp:1169
void proceedCwEvent(const uint32 diff)
Definition: zone_sholazar_basin.cpp:898

References Unit::CastSpell(), EQUIP_UNEQUIP, Object::GetEntry(), ITEM_TANKARD, ScriptedAI::me, NPC_HADRIUS, NPC_HEMET, proceedCwEvent(), SAY_HEMET_HADRIUS_TAMARA_1, sayStep, sayTimer, ScriptedAI::SetEquipmentSlots(), Unit::SetSheath(), SHEATH_STATE_MELEE, SHEATH_STATE_RANGED, SHEATH_STATE_UNARMED, and SPELL_KNOCKDOWN.

Member Data Documentation

◆ orphanGUID

ObjectGuid npc_jungle_punch_target::npc_jungle_punch_targetAI::orphanGUID

◆ phase

int8 npc_jungle_punch_target::npc_jungle_punch_targetAI::phase

Referenced by proceedCwEvent().

◆ playerGUID

ObjectGuid npc_jungle_punch_target::npc_jungle_punch_targetAI::playerGUID

◆ sayStep

uint8 npc_jungle_punch_target::npc_jungle_punch_targetAI::sayStep

Referenced by Reset(), SpellHit(), and UpdateAI().

◆ sayTimer

uint16 npc_jungle_punch_target::npc_jungle_punch_targetAI::sayTimer

Referenced by Reset(), and UpdateAI().

◆ timer

uint32 npc_jungle_punch_target::npc_jungle_punch_targetAI::timer

Referenced by proceedCwEvent(), and Reset().