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npc_kaya_flathoof Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for npc_kaya_flathoof:
CreatureScript ScriptObject UpdatableScript< Creature >


struct  npc_kaya_flathoofAI

Public Member Functions

 npc_kaya_flathoof ()
bool OnQuestAccept (Player *player, Creature *creature, Quest const *quest) override
CreatureAIGetAI (Creature *creature) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CreatureScript
bool IsDatabaseBound () const override
virtual bool OnGossipHello (Player *, Creature *)
virtual bool OnGossipSelect (Player *, Creature *, uint32, uint32)
virtual bool OnGossipSelectCode (Player *, Creature *, uint32, uint32, const char *)
virtual bool OnQuestAccept (Player *, Creature *, Quest const *)
virtual bool OnQuestSelect (Player *, Creature *, Quest const *)
virtual bool OnQuestComplete (Player *, Creature *, Quest const *)
virtual bool OnQuestReward (Player *, Creature *, Quest const *, uint32)
virtual uint32 GetDialogStatus (Player *, Creature *)
virtual CreatureAIGetAI (Creature *) const
virtual void OnFfaPvpStateUpdate (Creature *, bool)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ScriptObject
virtual bool IsDatabaseBound () const
virtual bool isAfterLoadScript () const
virtual void checkValidity ()
const std::string & GetName () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from UpdatableScript< Creature >
virtual void OnUpdate (Creature *, uint32)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from CreatureScript
 CreatureScript (const char *name)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ScriptObject
 ScriptObject (const char *name)
virtual ~ScriptObject ()=default
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UpdatableScript< Creature >
 UpdatableScript ()=default

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ npc_kaya_flathoof()

npc_kaya_flathoof::npc_kaya_flathoof ( )
111: CreatureScript("npc_kaya_flathoof") { }
Definition: ScriptMgr.h:719

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetAI()

CreatureAI * npc_kaya_flathoof::GetAI ( Creature creature) const

Reimplemented from CreatureScript.

162 {
163 return new npc_kaya_flathoofAI(creature);
164 }

◆ OnQuestAccept()

bool npc_kaya_flathoof::OnQuestAccept ( Player player,
Creature creature,
Quest const *  quest 

Reimplemented from CreatureScript.

148 {
149 if (quest->GetQuestId() == QUEST_PROTECT_KAYA)
150 {
151 if (npc_escortAI* pEscortAI = CAST_AI(npc_kaya_flathoof::npc_kaya_flathoofAI, creature->AI()))
152 pEscortAI->Start(true, false, player->GetGUID());
154 creature->AI()->Talk(SAY_START);
156 creature->SetImmuneToPC(false);
157 }
158 return true;
159 }
#define CAST_AI(a, b)
Definition: ScriptedCreature.h:28
Definition: zone_stonetalon_mountains.cpp:101
Definition: zone_stonetalon_mountains.cpp:105
Definition: SharedDefines.h:183
void Talk(uint8 id, WorldObject const *whisperTarget=nullptr, Milliseconds delay=0s)
Causes the creature to talk/say the text assigned to their entry in the creature_text database table.
Definition: CreatureAI.cpp:50
Definition: ScriptedEscortAI.h:53
CreatureAI * AI() const
Definition: Creature.h:135
static ObjectGuid GetGUID(Object const *o)
Definition: Object.h:106
void SetFaction(uint32 faction)
Definition: Unit.cpp:10029
void SetImmuneToPC(bool apply, bool keepCombat=false)
Definition: Unit.cpp:13518
Definition: zone_stonetalon_mountains.cpp:114

References Creature::AI(), CAST_AI, FACTION_ESCORTEE_N_NEUTRAL_PASSIVE, Object::GetGUID(), Quest::GetQuestId(), QUEST_PROTECT_KAYA, SAY_START, Unit::SetFaction(), Unit::SetImmuneToPC(), and CreatureAI::Talk().