Keira3 Database Editor

Cross-platform editor tailored for AzerothCore

Free Download

100% compatible with AzerothCore

Keira3 has been created specifically for the AzerothCore framework by the AzerothCore maintainers.

Keira is inspired by existing tools such as Quice/Truice database editor from Indomit, and the SAI Editor from Discover-. We added a modern touch, and plenty of new features.

Completely free & open source

Keira3 is free software maintained by volunteers and released under the AGPL license.


Keira3 works natively on GNU/Linux, macOS and Windows systems.

Easy to setup

Just download and run it.
No installation. No dependencies.


Made with modern web technologies such as TypeScript, Electron, Angular, Bootstrap.


AzerothCore's Keira3 Automated SQL code generation

Automated SQL code generation

As soon as you edit something, Keira3 will generate the SQL query for you.

The SQL code will be displayed, so you can learn, and then you can copy or execute it directly to your database.

AzerothCore's Keira3 Create or Edit

Create or Edit existing entities

Keira3 lets you create new entities as well as edit existing ones.

The Diff-query will show only the current changes, while the Full-query represents the whole entity (so you can easily backup contents).

AzerothCore's Keira3 Editors

Plenty of editors available

  • Creatures
  • Vendors
  • Trainers
  • Quests
  • Gameobjects
  • Items
  • All kinds of Loots
  • Gossips
  • Conditions
  • SmartAI

Tooltips to the rescue

Not all the database fields have self-explaining names. Even if they do, sometimes you might still have some doubts.

Does a `time` field accepts seconds or milliseconds? What does `wander_distance` mean? Tooltips are here to help!

AzerothCore's Keira3 Tooltips
AzerothCore's Keira3 Flags selector (bitmasks)

Smart Selectors

You can use Smart Selectors to easily find values, they include:

  • Flags selectors (handling bitmask values)
  • Single-value selectors (handling constant values)
  • Search selectors (to look for Quests, Items, Creatures, and many others...)


Keira3 is able to show a preview of the edited entity, this feature is available for editors such as Quests, Items, Gossips, etc...

This is particularly useful when editing the DisplayID of entities.

AzerothCore's Keira3 Item Preview feature

Advanced Loot editors

  • Edit any kind of loot, i.e. all the *_loot_template tables
  • All icons and names of the items will be shown
  • You can find and add items to the Loot using the Item Search
  • It will display the contents of any Reference loot, including nested ones.
  • Grouped loots are highlighted with colours


Keira3 will automatically adapt to the size of your screen.

As you resize the window, elements in the Editor will automatically resize.

AzerothCore's Keira3 SmartAI (SAI) Editor

Advanced SmartAI Editor

    • Inspired by Discover's SAI Editor, with additional features
    • Supports SAI of: Creatures, Gameobjects, Areatriggers TimedActionlists
    • When editing a Creature SAI, it shows its TimedActionlists below
    • SAI Editors available also inside the Creature and Gameobject Editors
    • Fields and tooltips automatically change when the Event/Action/Target changes
    • Got custom additions? You can easily integrate them in Keira3's SAI Editor
    • Flag Selector for Phase and Flag fields
    • Integrated SAI comments generator

Frequently Asked Questions