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AzeroTh Band

An exclusive creative project based on the Lichking 3.3.5a patch, which uses free access software products, based on AzerothCore.


Creators of AzerothCore - a former Italian PvE/PvP/RPG Community


ChromieCraft is a Blizzlike 3.3.5 PvE and PvP server unlike anything you’ve played on before.


We chose AzerothCore because It is the most efficient core at the moment. Excellent scripts for dungeons and the world in General.

Frostgram Highrate Startchar

We choese AzerothCore because after testing it, we found out that it is one of the cores with less bug that is currently available!


Haz’Garoth is a server that offers quality PvE, custom items and mounts. Many vents are done regularly.


We decided on Azerothcore because we loved the modularity and it is the only actively developed core

Lo5t WoW Server

We choose AzerothCore because it is one of the most stable cores with a very active community.

MaNGOS Rumors

We are a blog about World of Warcraft open source emulation. In some of our most successful articles we talk about AzerothCore and its great features.

Northrend gg

Azerothcore was our choice because it is the only stable core with a large amount of fixes, that other cores do not have. It is the true blizzlike experience.

Phoenix World of Warcraft

We choese AzerothCore because it is one of the best working cores with active team who are still working on it.

WoW La Caverna

The reason why we choose AzerothCore is because of the active community, the focus on WotLK expansion and the easy to use module system, allowing us to add a lot of content without touching the core.

Zuldazar WoW | Ina Experiencia Blizzlike

At Zuldazar WoW we chose AzerothCore as our emulator because of its constant development, because of the community and the great team behind this project, because its modular system allows us to integrate new functions into our server in a simpler, faster and more efficient way!