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adt_liquid_instance Struct Reference

#include "adt.h"

Public Member Functions

uint8 GetOffsetX () const
uint8 GetOffsetY () const
uint8 GetWidth () const
uint8 GetHeight () const

Public Attributes

uint16 LiquidType
LiquidVertexFormatType LiquidVertexFormat
float MinHeightLevel
float MaxHeightLevel
uint8 OffsetX
uint8 OffsetY
uint8 Width
uint8 Height
uint32 OffsetExistsBitmap
uint32 OffsetVertexData

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetHeight()

uint8 adt_liquid_instance::GetHeight ( ) const
203{ return Height; }
uint8 Height
Definition: adt.h:196

References Height.

Referenced by ConvertADT(), adt_MH2O::GetLiquidDepth(), and adt_MH2O::GetLiquidTextureCoordMap().

◆ GetOffsetX()

uint8 adt_liquid_instance::GetOffsetX ( ) const
200{ return OffsetX; }
uint8 OffsetX
Definition: adt.h:193

References OffsetX.

Referenced by ConvertADT().

◆ GetOffsetY()

uint8 adt_liquid_instance::GetOffsetY ( ) const
201{ return OffsetY; }
uint8 OffsetY
Definition: adt.h:194

References OffsetY.

Referenced by ConvertADT().

◆ GetWidth()

uint8 adt_liquid_instance::GetWidth ( ) const
202{ return Width; }
uint8 Width
Definition: adt.h:195

References Width.

Referenced by ConvertADT(), adt_MH2O::GetLiquidDepth(), and adt_MH2O::GetLiquidTextureCoordMap().

Member Data Documentation

◆ Height

uint8 adt_liquid_instance::Height

Referenced by GetHeight().

◆ LiquidType

uint16 adt_liquid_instance::LiquidType

◆ LiquidVertexFormat

◆ MaxHeightLevel

float adt_liquid_instance::MaxHeightLevel

◆ MinHeightLevel

float adt_liquid_instance::MinHeightLevel

◆ OffsetExistsBitmap

uint32 adt_liquid_instance::OffsetExistsBitmap

◆ OffsetVertexData

uint32 adt_liquid_instance::OffsetVertexData

◆ OffsetX

uint8 adt_liquid_instance::OffsetX

Referenced by GetOffsetX().

◆ OffsetY

uint8 adt_liquid_instance::OffsetY

Referenced by GetOffsetY().

◆ Width

uint8 adt_liquid_instance::Width

Referenced by GetWidth().