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spell_dk_anti_magic_shell_self Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for spell_dk_anti_magic_shell_self:
AuraScript _SpellScript

Private Member Functions

 PrepareAuraScript (spell_dk_anti_magic_shell_self)
bool Load () override
bool Validate (SpellInfo const *) override
void CalculateAmount (AuraEffect const *, int32 &amount, bool &)
void Absorb (AuraEffect *, DamageInfo &dmgInfo, uint32 &absorbAmount)
void Trigger (AuraEffect *aurEff, DamageInfo &, uint32 &absorbAmount)
void HandleEffectApply (AuraEffect const *, AuraEffectHandleModes)
void HandleEffectRemove (AuraEffect const *, AuraEffectHandleModes)
void Register () override

Private Attributes

uint32 absorbPct
uint32 hpPct

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from AuraScript
 AuraScript ()
bool _Validate (SpellInfo const *entry) override
bool _Load (Aura *aura)
void _PrepareScriptCall (AuraScriptHookType hookType, AuraApplication const *aurApp=nullptr)
void _FinishScriptCall ()
bool _IsDefaultActionPrevented ()
void PreventDefaultAction ()
SpellInfo const * GetSpellInfo () const
uint32 GetId () const
ObjectGuid GetCasterGUID () const
UnitGetCaster () const
WorldObjectGetOwner () const
UnitGetUnitOwner () const
DynamicObjectGetDynobjOwner () const
void Remove (uint32 removeMode=0)
AuraGetAura () const
AuraObjectType GetType () const
int32 GetDuration () const
void SetDuration (int32 duration, bool withMods=false)
void RefreshDuration ()
time_t GetApplyTime () const
int32 GetMaxDuration () const
void SetMaxDuration (int32 duration)
int32 CalcMaxDuration () const
bool IsExpired () const
bool IsPermanent () const
uint8 GetCharges () const
void SetCharges (uint8 charges)
uint8 CalcMaxCharges () const
bool ModCharges (int8 num, AuraRemoveMode removeMode=AURA_REMOVE_BY_DEFAULT)
bool DropCharge (AuraRemoveMode removeMode=AURA_REMOVE_BY_DEFAULT)
uint8 GetStackAmount () const
void SetStackAmount (uint8 num)
bool ModStackAmount (int32 num, AuraRemoveMode removeMode=AURA_REMOVE_BY_DEFAULT)
bool IsPassive () const
bool IsDeathPersistent () const
bool HasEffect (uint8 effIndex) const
AuraEffectGetEffect (uint8 effIndex) const
bool HasEffectType (AuraType type) const
UnitGetTarget () const
AuraApplication const * GetTargetApplication () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from _SpellScript
 _SpellScript ()
virtual ~_SpellScript ()
virtual void _Register ()
virtual void _Unload ()
virtual void _Init (std::string const *scriptname, uint32 spellId)
std::string const * _GetScriptName () const
virtual void Register ()=0
virtual bool Validate (SpellInfo const *)
virtual bool Load ()
virtual void Unload ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from _SpellScript
static bool ValidateSpellInfo (std::initializer_list< uint32 > spellIds)
template<class T >
static bool ValidateSpellInfo (T const &spellIds)
- Public Attributes inherited from AuraScript
HookList< CheckAreaTargetHandlerDoCheckAreaTarget
HookList< AuraDispelHandlerOnDispel
HookList< AuraDispelHandlerAfterDispel
HookList< EffectApplyHandlerOnEffectApply
HookList< EffectApplyHandlerAfterEffectApply
HookList< EffectApplyHandlerOnEffectRemove
HookList< EffectApplyHandlerAfterEffectRemove
HookList< EffectPeriodicHandlerOnEffectPeriodic
HookList< EffectUpdatePeriodicHandlerOnEffectUpdatePeriodic
HookList< EffectCalcAmountHandlerDoEffectCalcAmount
HookList< EffectCalcPeriodicHandlerDoEffectCalcPeriodic
HookList< EffectCalcSpellModHandlerDoEffectCalcSpellMod
HookList< EffectAbsorbHandlerOnEffectAbsorb
HookList< EffectAbsorbHandlerAfterEffectAbsorb
HookList< EffectManaShieldHandlerOnEffectManaShield
HookList< EffectManaShieldHandlerAfterEffectManaShield
HookList< EffectSplitHandlerOnEffectSplit
HookList< CheckProcHandlerDoCheckProc
HookList< AfterCheckProcHandlerDoAfterCheckProc
HookList< AuraProcHandlerDoPrepareProc
HookList< AuraProcHandlerOnProc
HookList< AuraProcHandlerAfterProc
HookList< EffectProcHandlerOnEffectProc
HookList< EffectProcHandlerAfterEffectProc
virtual bool _Validate (SpellInfo const *entry)
- Protected Attributes inherited from _SpellScript
uint8 m_currentScriptState
std::string const * m_scriptName
uint32 m_scriptSpellId

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

◆ Absorb()

void spell_dk_anti_magic_shell_self::Absorb ( AuraEffect ,
DamageInfo dmgInfo,
uint32 absorbAmount 
904 {
905 absorbAmount = std::min(CalculatePct(dmgInfo.GetDamage(), absorbPct), GetTarget()->CountPctFromMaxHealth(hpPct));
906 }
T CalculatePct(T base, U pct)
Definition: Util.h:61
uint32 GetDamage() const
Definition: Unit.h:795
Unit * GetTarget() const
Definition: SpellScript.cpp:1165
uint32 absorbPct
Definition: spell_dk.cpp:885
uint32 hpPct
Definition: spell_dk.cpp:885

References absorbPct, CalculatePct(), DamageInfo::GetDamage(), AuraScript::GetTarget(), and hpPct.

Referenced by Register().

◆ CalculateAmount()

void spell_dk_anti_magic_shell_self::CalculateAmount ( AuraEffect const *  ,
int32 amount,
bool &   
899 {
901 }
uint32 CountPctFromMaxHealth(int32 pct) const
Definition: Unit.h:1449
Unit * GetCaster() const
Definition: SpellScript.cpp:1020

References Unit::CountPctFromMaxHealth(), AuraScript::GetCaster(), and hpPct.

Referenced by Register().

◆ HandleEffectApply()

void spell_dk_anti_magic_shell_self::HandleEffectApply ( AuraEffect const *  ,
917 {
918 Unit* target = GetTarget();
919 target->ApplySpellImmune(GetId(), IMMUNITY_ID, 33786, true); // cyclone
920 }
Definition: SharedDefines.h:1372
Definition: Unit.h:1290
void ApplySpellImmune(uint32 spellId, uint32 op, uint32 type, bool apply, SpellImmuneBlockType blockType=SPELL_BLOCK_TYPE_ALL)
Definition: Unit.cpp:13300
uint32 GetId() const
Definition: SpellScript.cpp:1010

References Unit::ApplySpellImmune(), AuraScript::GetId(), AuraScript::GetTarget(), and IMMUNITY_ID.

Referenced by Register().

◆ HandleEffectRemove()

void spell_dk_anti_magic_shell_self::HandleEffectRemove ( AuraEffect const *  ,
923 {
924 Unit* target = GetTarget();
925 target->ApplySpellImmune(GetId(), IMMUNITY_ID, 33786, false); // cyclone
926 }

References Unit::ApplySpellImmune(), AuraScript::GetId(), AuraScript::GetTarget(), and IMMUNITY_ID.

Referenced by Register().

◆ Load()

bool spell_dk_anti_magic_shell_self::Load ( )

Reimplemented from _SpellScript.

887 {
889 hpPct = GetSpellInfo()->Effects[EFFECT_1].CalcValue(GetCaster());
890 return true;
891 }
Definition: SharedDefines.h:31
Definition: SharedDefines.h:30
std::array< SpellEffectInfo, MAX_SPELL_EFFECTS > Effects
Definition: SpellInfo.h:391
SpellInfo const * GetSpellInfo() const
Definition: SpellScript.cpp:1005

References absorbPct, EFFECT_0, EFFECT_1, SpellInfo::Effects, AuraScript::GetCaster(), AuraScript::GetSpellInfo(), and hpPct.

◆ PrepareAuraScript()

spell_dk_anti_magic_shell_self::PrepareAuraScript ( spell_dk_anti_magic_shell_self  )

◆ Register()

void spell_dk_anti_magic_shell_self::Register ( )

Implements _SpellScript.

929 {
936 }
Definition: SpellAuraDefines.h:132
Definition: SpellAuraDefines.h:330
Definition: SpellAuraDefines.h:42
#define AuraEffectCalcAmountFn(F, I, N)
Definition: SpellScript.h:772
#define AuraEffectAbsorbFn(F, I)
Definition: SpellScript.h:790
#define AuraEffectApplyFn(F, I, N, M)
Definition: SpellScript.h:743
#define AuraEffectRemoveFn(F, I, N, M)
Definition: SpellScript.h:754
HookList< EffectAbsorbHandler > AfterEffectAbsorb
Definition: SpellScript.h:795
HookList< EffectCalcAmountHandler > DoEffectCalcAmount
Definition: SpellScript.h:771
HookList< EffectAbsorbHandler > OnEffectAbsorb
Definition: SpellScript.h:789
HookList< EffectApplyHandler > OnEffectRemove
Definition: SpellScript.h:749
HookList< EffectApplyHandler > OnEffectApply
Definition: SpellScript.h:738
void HandleEffectApply(AuraEffect const *, AuraEffectHandleModes)
Definition: spell_dk.cpp:916
void HandleEffectRemove(AuraEffect const *, AuraEffectHandleModes)
Definition: spell_dk.cpp:922
void Absorb(AuraEffect *, DamageInfo &dmgInfo, uint32 &absorbAmount)
Definition: spell_dk.cpp:903
void CalculateAmount(AuraEffect const *, int32 &amount, bool &)
Definition: spell_dk.cpp:898
void Trigger(AuraEffect *aurEff, DamageInfo &, uint32 &absorbAmount)
Definition: spell_dk.cpp:908

References Absorb(), AuraScript::AfterEffectAbsorb, AURA_EFFECT_HANDLE_REAL, AuraEffectAbsorbFn, AuraEffectApplyFn, AuraEffectCalcAmountFn, AuraEffectRemoveFn, CalculateAmount(), AuraScript::DoEffectCalcAmount, EFFECT_0, EFFECT_1, HandleEffectApply(), HandleEffectRemove(), AuraScript::OnEffectAbsorb, AuraScript::OnEffectApply, AuraScript::OnEffectRemove, SPELL_AURA_MOD_IMMUNE_AURA_APPLY_SCHOOL, SPELL_AURA_SCHOOL_ABSORB, and Trigger().

◆ Trigger()

void spell_dk_anti_magic_shell_self::Trigger ( AuraEffect aurEff,
DamageInfo ,
uint32 absorbAmount 
909 {
910 // damage absorbed by Anti-Magic Shell energizes the DK with additional runic power.
911 // This, if I'm not mistaken, shows that we get back ~20% of the absorbed damage as runic power.
912 int32 bp = CalculatePct(absorbAmount, 20);
914 }
std::int32_t int32
Definition: Define.h:104
Definition: SpellDefines.h:114
Definition: spell_dk.cpp:69
SpellCastResult CastCustomSpell(Unit *victim, uint32 spellId, int32 const *bp0, int32 const *bp1, int32 const *bp2, bool triggered, Item *castItem=nullptr, AuraEffect const *triggeredByAura=nullptr, ObjectGuid originalCaster=ObjectGuid::Empty)
Definition: Unit.cpp:1226

References CalculatePct(), Unit::CastCustomSpell(), AuraScript::GetTarget(), SPELL_DK_RUNIC_POWER_ENERGIZE, and SPELLVALUE_BASE_POINT0.

Referenced by Register().

◆ Validate()

bool spell_dk_anti_magic_shell_self::Validate ( SpellInfo const *  )

Reimplemented from _SpellScript.

894 {
896 }
static bool ValidateSpellInfo(std::initializer_list< uint32 > spellIds)
Definition: SpellScript.h:125

References SPELL_DK_RUNIC_POWER_ENERGIZE, and _SpellScript::ValidateSpellInfo().

Member Data Documentation

◆ absorbPct

uint32 spell_dk_anti_magic_shell_self::absorbPct

Referenced by Absorb(), and Load().

◆ hpPct

uint32 spell_dk_anti_magic_shell_self::hpPct

Referenced by Absorb(), CalculateAmount(), and Load().