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npc_frost_sphere::npc_frost_sphereAI Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for npc_frost_sphere::npc_frost_sphereAI:
NullCreatureAI CreatureAI UnitAI

Public Member Functions

 npc_frost_sphereAI (Creature *pCreature)
void DamageTaken (Unit *, uint32 &damage, DamageEffectType, SpellSchoolMask) override
void SpellHit (Unit *, SpellInfo const *spell) override
void UpdateAI (uint32 diff) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from NullCreatureAI
 NullCreatureAI (Creature *c)
void MoveInLineOfSight (Unit *) override
void AttackStart (Unit *) override
void UpdateAI (uint32) override
void EnterEvadeMode (EvadeReason) override
void OnCharmed (bool) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CreatureAI
void Talk (uint8 id, WorldObject const *whisperTarget=nullptr)
 CreatureAI (Creature *creature)
 ~CreatureAI () override
void MoveCircleChecks ()
void MoveBackwardsChecks ()
void MoveInLineOfSight_Safe (Unit *who)
 == Reactions At ================================= More...
void TriggerAlert (Unit const *who) const
virtual bool CanRespawn ()
virtual void EnterEvadeMode (EvadeReason why=EVADE_REASON_OTHER)
virtual void EnterCombat (Unit *)
virtual void JustDied (Unit *)
virtual void KilledUnit (Unit *)
virtual void JustSummoned (Creature *)
virtual void IsSummonedBy (Unit *)
virtual void SummonedCreatureDespawn (Creature *)
virtual void SummonedCreatureDies (Creature *, Unit *)
virtual void SummonedCreatureDespawnAll ()
virtual void SpellHit (Unit *, SpellInfo const *)
virtual void SpellHitTarget (Unit *, SpellInfo const *)
virtual void AttackedBy (Unit *)
virtual bool IsEscorted ()
virtual void JustRespawned ()
virtual void MovementInform (uint32, uint32)
virtual void PathEndReached (uint32)
void OnCharmed (bool apply) override
virtual void JustReachedHome ()
void DoZoneInCombat (Creature *creature=nullptr, float maxRangeToNearestTarget=250.0f)
virtual void ReceiveEmote (Player *, uint32)
virtual void OwnerAttackedBy (Unit *)
virtual void OwnerAttacked (Unit *)
virtual void CorpseRemoved (uint32 &)
 == Triggered Actions Requested ================== More...
virtual void PassengerBoarded (Unit *, int8, bool)
 == Fields ======================================= More...
virtual bool BeforeSpellClick (Unit *)
virtual void OnSpellClick (Unit *, bool &)
virtual bool CanSeeAlways (WorldObject const *)
virtual bool CanBeSeen (Player const *)
virtual bool CanAlwaysBeDetectable (WorldObject const *)
virtual void PetStopAttack ()
virtual bool CheckInRoom ()
CreatureBoundary const * GetBoundary () const
void SetBoundary (CreatureBoundary const *boundary, bool negativeBoundaries=false)
bool IsInBoundary (Position const *who=nullptr) const
virtual void CalculateThreat (Unit *, float &, SpellInfo const *)
virtual bool OnTeleportUnreacheablePlayer (Player *)
- Public Member Functions inherited from UnitAI
 UnitAI (Unit *unit)
virtual ~UnitAI ()
virtual bool CanAIAttack (Unit const *) const
virtual void AttackStart (Unit *)
virtual void UpdateAI (uint32)=0
virtual void InitializeAI ()
virtual void Reset ()
virtual void OnCharmed (bool apply)=0
virtual void DoAction (int32)
virtual uint32 GetData (uint32) const
virtual void SetData (uint32, uint32)
virtual void SetGUID (ObjectGuid, int32=0)
virtual ObjectGuid GetGUID (int32=0) const
UnitSelectTarget (SelectTargetMethod targetType, uint32 position=0, float dist=0.0f, bool playerOnly=false, bool withTank=true, int32 aura=0)
template<class PREDICATE >
UnitSelectTarget (SelectTargetMethod targetType, uint32 position, PREDICATE const &predicate)
void SelectTargetList (std::list< Unit * > &targetList, uint32 num, SelectTargetMethod targetType, uint32 position=0, float dist=0.0f, bool playerOnly=false, bool withTank=true, int32 aura=0)
template<class PREDICATE >
void SelectTargetList (std::list< Unit * > &targetList, uint32 num, SelectTargetMethod targetType, uint32 position, PREDICATE const &predicate)
virtual void DamageDealt (Unit *, uint32 &, DamageEffectType)
virtual void DamageTaken (Unit *, uint32 &, DamageEffectType, SpellSchoolMask)
virtual void HealReceived (Unit *, uint32 &)
virtual void HealDone (Unit *, uint32 &)
void AttackStartCaster (Unit *victim, float dist)
SpellCastResult DoAddAuraToAllHostilePlayers (uint32 spellid)
SpellCastResult DoCast (uint32 spellId)
SpellCastResult DoCast (Unit *victim, uint32 spellId, bool triggered=false)
SpellCastResult DoCastSelf (uint32 spellId, bool triggered=false)
SpellCastResult DoCastToAllHostilePlayers (uint32 spellid, bool triggered=false)
SpellCastResult DoCastVictim (uint32 spellId, bool triggered=false)
SpellCastResult DoCastAOE (uint32 spellId, bool triggered=false)
SpellCastResult DoCastRandomTarget (uint32 spellId, uint32 threatTablePosition=0, float dist=0.0f, bool playerOnly=true, bool triggered=false)
float DoGetSpellMaxRange (uint32 spellId, bool positive=false)
void DoMeleeAttackIfReady ()
bool DoSpellAttackIfReady (uint32 spell)
void DoSpellAttackToRandomTargetIfReady (uint32 spell, uint32 threatTablePosition=0, float dist=0.f, bool playerOnly=true)
virtual void SummonMovementInform (Creature *, uint32, uint32)
virtual void sGossipHello (Player *)
virtual void sGossipSelect (Player *, uint32, uint32)
virtual void sGossipSelectCode (Player *, uint32, uint32, char const *)
virtual void sQuestAccept (Player *, Quest const *)
virtual void sQuestSelect (Player *, Quest const *)
virtual void sQuestComplete (Player *, Quest const *)
virtual void sQuestReward (Player *, Quest const *, uint32)
virtual void sOnGameEvent (bool, uint16)
virtual std::string GetDebugInfo () const

Public Attributes

uint32 permafrostTimer

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CreatureAI
enum  EvadeReason {
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from NullCreatureAI
static int32 Permissible (Creature const *creature)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CreatureAI
static bool IsInBounds (CreatureBoundary const &boundary, Position const *who)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from UnitAI
static void FillAISpellInfo ()
- Static Public Attributes inherited from UnitAI
static AISpellInfoTypeAISpellInfo
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CreatureAI
bool UpdateVictim ()
bool UpdateVictimWithGaze ()
void SetGazeOn (Unit *target)
CreatureDoSummon (uint32 entry, Position const &pos, uint32 despawnTime=30000, TempSummonType summonType=TEMPSUMMON_CORPSE_TIMED_DESPAWN)
CreatureDoSummon (uint32 entry, WorldObject *obj, float radius=5.0f, uint32 despawnTime=30000, TempSummonType summonType=TEMPSUMMON_CORPSE_TIMED_DESPAWN)
CreatureDoSummonFlyer (uint32 entry, WorldObject *obj, float flightZ, float radius=5.0f, uint32 despawnTime=30000, TempSummonType summonType=TEMPSUMMON_CORPSE_TIMED_DESPAWN)
virtual void MoveInLineOfSight (Unit *)
bool _EnterEvadeMode (EvadeReason why=EVADE_REASON_OTHER)
- Protected Attributes inherited from CreatureAI
Creature *const me
EventMap events
CreatureBoundary const * _boundary
bool _negateBoundary
- Protected Attributes inherited from UnitAI
Unit *const me

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ npc_frost_sphereAI()

npc_frost_sphere::npc_frost_sphereAI::npc_frost_sphereAI ( Creature pCreature)
527 : NullCreatureAI(pCreature)
528 {
529 uint32 ID = 0;
530 if (me->GetMap())
531 switch (me->GetMap()->GetDifficulty())
532 {
534 ID = 66118;
535 break;
537 ID = 67630;
538 break;
540 ID = 68646;
541 break;
543 ID = 68647;
544 break;
545 }
546 if (ID)
547 me->ApplySpellImmune(0, IMMUNITY_ID, ID, true);
549 permafrostTimer = 0;
551 me->GetMotionMaster()->MoveRandom(20.0f);
552 me->SetCorpseDelay(15 * 60 * 1000);
553 }
std::uint32_t uint32
Definition: Define.h:108
Definition: boss_anubarak_trial.cpp:116
Definition: DBCEnums.h:281
Definition: DBCEnums.h:278
Definition: DBCEnums.h:279
Definition: DBCEnums.h:280
Definition: SharedDefines.h:1372
Definition: PassiveAI.h:53
Creature *const me
Definition: CreatureAI.h:72
void SetCorpseDelay(uint32 delay)
Definition: Creature.h:71
Map * GetMap() const
Definition: Object.h:517
void ApplySpellImmune(uint32 spellId, uint32 op, uint32 type, bool apply, SpellImmuneBlockType blockType=SPELL_BLOCK_TYPE_ALL)
Definition: Unit.cpp:13293
MotionMaster * GetMotionMaster()
Definition: Unit.h:2258
SpellCastResult CastSpell(SpellCastTargets const &targets, SpellInfo const *spellInfo, CustomSpellValues const *value, TriggerCastFlags triggerFlags=TRIGGERED_NONE, Item *castItem=nullptr, AuraEffect const *triggeredByAura=nullptr, ObjectGuid originalCaster=ObjectGuid::Empty)
Definition: Unit.cpp:1168
Difficulty GetDifficulty() const
Definition: Map.h:442
void MoveRandom(float wanderDistance=0.0f)
Definition: MotionMaster.cpp:238
uint32 permafrostTimer
Definition: boss_anubarak_trial.cpp:555

References Unit::ApplySpellImmune(), Unit::CastSpell(), Map::GetDifficulty(), WorldObject::GetMap(), Unit::GetMotionMaster(), IMMUNITY_ID, CreatureAI::me, MotionMaster::MoveRandom(), permafrostTimer, RAID_DIFFICULTY_10MAN_HEROIC, RAID_DIFFICULTY_10MAN_NORMAL, RAID_DIFFICULTY_25MAN_HEROIC, RAID_DIFFICULTY_25MAN_NORMAL, Creature::SetCorpseDelay(), and SPELL_FROST_SPHERE.

Member Function Documentation

◆ DamageTaken()

void npc_frost_sphere::npc_frost_sphereAI::DamageTaken ( Unit ,
uint32 damage,
DamageEffectType  ,

Reimplemented from UnitAI.

558 {
559 if( me->GetHealth() <= damage )
560 {
561 damage = 0;
563 {
566 me->GetMotionMaster()->MoveCharge(me->GetPositionX(), me->GetPositionY(), 143.0f, 20.0f);
567 permafrostTimer = 1500;
568 }
569 }
570 }
Definition: Unit.h:473
float GetPositionX() const
Definition: Position.h:117
float GetPositionY() const
Definition: Position.h:118
bool HasUnitFlag(UnitFlags flags) const
Definition: Unit.h:1479
uint32 GetHealth() const
Definition: Unit.h:1439
void SetUnitFlag(UnitFlags flags)
Definition: Unit.h:1480
void MoveCharge(float x, float y, float z, float speed=SPEED_CHARGE, uint32 id=EVENT_CHARGE, const Movement::PointsArray *path=nullptr, bool generatePath=false, float orientation=0.0f, ObjectGuid targetGUID=ObjectGuid::Empty)
Definition: MotionMaster.cpp:586
void MoveIdle()
Definition: MotionMaster.cpp:231

References Unit::GetHealth(), Unit::GetMotionMaster(), Position::GetPositionX(), Position::GetPositionY(), Unit::HasUnitFlag(), CreatureAI::me, MotionMaster::MoveCharge(), MotionMaster::MoveIdle(), permafrostTimer, Unit::SetUnitFlag(), and UNIT_FLAG_NOT_SELECTABLE.

◆ SpellHit()

void npc_frost_sphere::npc_frost_sphereAI::SpellHit ( Unit ,
SpellInfo const *  spell 

Reimplemented from CreatureAI.

573 {
574 if( spell->Id == SPELL_SPIKE_FAIL )
575 {
577 me->DespawnOrUnsummon(1500);
578 }
579 }
Definition: boss_anubarak_trial.cpp:104
void DespawnOrUnsummon(Milliseconds msTimeToDespawn, Seconds forcedRespawnTimer)
Definition: Creature.cpp:2092
void RemoveAllAuras()
Definition: Unit.cpp:5227

References Creature::DespawnOrUnsummon(), SpellInfo::Id, CreatureAI::me, Unit::RemoveAllAuras(), and SPELL_SPIKE_FAIL.

◆ UpdateAI()

void npc_frost_sphere::npc_frost_sphereAI::UpdateAI ( uint32  diff)

Reimplemented from NullCreatureAI.

582 {
583 if( permafrostTimer )
584 {
585 if( permafrostTimer <= diff )
586 {
587 permafrostTimer = 0;
589 me->SetDisplayId(11686);
590 me->SetObjectScale(2.0f);
591 me->UpdatePosition(me->GetPositionX(), me->GetPositionY(), 142.7f, me->GetOrientation(), false);
595 me->SetCanFly(false);
596 }
597 else
598 permafrostTimer -= diff;
599 }
600 }
Definition: boss_anubarak_trial.cpp:118
Definition: boss_anubarak_trial.cpp:117
void SetDisplayId(uint32 modelId) override
Definition: Creature.cpp:3372
void SetObjectScale(float scale) override
Definition: Creature.cpp:3353
bool SetCanFly(bool enable, bool packetOnly=false) override
Definition: Creature.cpp:3149
float GetOrientation() const
Definition: Position.h:120
void SetFacingTo(float ori)
Definition: Unit.cpp:20643
virtual bool UpdatePosition(float x, float y, float z, float ang, bool teleport=false)
Definition: Unit.cpp:20055
void RemoveAurasDueToSpell(uint32 spellId, ObjectGuid casterGUID=ObjectGuid::Empty, uint8 reqEffMask=0, AuraRemoveMode removeMode=AURA_REMOVE_BY_DEFAULT)
Definition: Unit.cpp:4823

References Unit::CastSpell(), Position::GetOrientation(), Position::GetPositionX(), Position::GetPositionY(), CreatureAI::me, permafrostTimer, Unit::RemoveAurasDueToSpell(), Creature::SetCanFly(), Creature::SetDisplayId(), Unit::SetFacingTo(), Creature::SetObjectScale(), SPELL_FROST_SPHERE, SPELL_PERMAFROST, SPELL_PERMAFROST_VISUAL, and Unit::UpdatePosition().

Member Data Documentation

◆ permafrostTimer

uint32 npc_frost_sphere::npc_frost_sphereAI::permafrostTimer