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1) Update your local sources

Move to your AzerothCore sources directory.

  • If you have your own fork of AzerothCore, you need to sync it.

  • Otherwise, if you cloned AzerothCore directly from the main repo, you have to git pull to update it.

2) Recompile

Compile again your sources, this step is the same as the Compilation step during Installation, but generally you can skip the CMake part.

For example, in Linux/Mac you just have to cd build; and run make -j 4; make install.

3) Update the Database

If you are updating your production environment, BACKUP your databases BEFORE updating them!

You need to import the new sql update files (located at to each database.

To automate this process you can use the db-assembler bash script bash apps/db_assembler/

IMPORTANT: remember to properly set your conf/ file before using the script