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How to update AzerothCore to the latest stable version

Verify that you're on the latest release

  1. Type .server debug in your console.

    1. If it outputs Using World DB: ACDB 335.7-dev then you can proceed to Update your local source.

    2. If it outputs anything else for Using World DB: then you first need to follow this guide on updating to latest master.

We'd also highly recommend following the #announcements channel on the AzerothCore discord so you'll know about any other important changes to AzerothCore.

Update your local source

Move to your AzerothCore sources directory.

  • If you have your own fork of AzerothCore, you need to update from latest master branch.

  • Otherwise, if you cloned AzerothCore directly from the main repo, you have to git pull to update it.


Compile your source again, this step is the same as the compilation step during installation, but generally you can skip the CMake part unless you're adding new modules.

For example, in Linux/Mac you just have to cd build; and run make -j 8; make install. Of course you can change the value of the -j parameter according to your CPU.

Update the Database

If you are updating your production environment, BACKUP your databases BEFORE updating them!

You need to import the new sql update files (located at to each database.

To automate this process, both the authserver and worldserver have database updaters inside of them as described here. This means that once you recompile your source, all you'd need to do is launch the authserver and worldserver as you would normally.