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What is Bountysource

Bountysource is a crowdfunding platform that allows people to sponsor any open source projects by placing "bounties" (money rewards) for the resolution of issues reported on GitHub. Whoever will fix that issue, will get the money from the bounty.

So if you want to support a specific issue resolution, you can place bounties to our open issues.

Issues can be just bugs or even core feature requests. If you want to sponsor a non-existing issue, feel free to create it first and then apply the bounty on it.

You can also just donate to our AzerothCore Bountysource organisation and let us decide on which issues/features allocate the money.

I want to underline that solving the issue and claiming the bounty is NOT restricted to AC staff only, everyone can do it! :)

This is how Bountysource works:

  1. Users fund bounties on open issues or feature requests they want to see addressed.

  2. Developers create solutions which closes the issues and claim the corresponding bounties on Bountysource.

  3. Backers can accept or reject the claims.

  4. If accepted, Bountysource pays the bounties to the developer.

Big thanks to our top backers of Bountysource.

What if you don't want to claim the bounty?

What if you have worked on an issue that has a Bounty, but you do not want to claim it for yourself?

You can donate that money back to the AzerothCore Bountysource organisation, so we can re-assign it to some other issue.

The money you decide to give back to the AC organisation will be shown as your own donation count, so you will be in the list of backers as well.

This is what typically AC admins do.


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