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1 - How can I contribute? I am not a developer, I know nothing useful.

  • You can help us by testing our Pull Requests, and participating on the github issues' discussions. You can also provide support when you can in our discord, on the popular stackoverflow and on other emulation forums ( for example). You can also help us with documentation (this wiki, or the readme), we need help with that too!
  • You can put bounties (money) on issues and suggestions by using bountysource. Read this: Bountysource
  • If you're a developer, check out this page: Contribute

2 - Why is AzerothCore using more RAM than TrinityCore?

See Memory Usage.

3 - I want this fixed or this feature or this module. How can I proceed?

You can open a bounty and if developers are interested by the job, they might do it. Read this: Bountysource

4 - I have an issue, where can I get help?

Read this carefully: How to ask for help.

5 - Why is it better to ask on Stackoverflow for support questions?

  • Because your question (and its solutions) stays there and you or other users can find it later, even using google
  • Because your question can easily get lost in the chat, and asking in the chat can only get answers by the users who are currently online
  • Because it's super easy (you can log in Stackoverflow using your Google or Facebook account - NO NEED TO CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT)
  • Because you can add common tags to your questions (like c++, sql, docker, lua, etc...) and have the chance to receive help from users that you would not find in the AC discord chat
  • Because it gives extra visibility to our project
  • Because it helps to avoid duplicate questions
  • Because by posting questions or answers you can earn points (a profile with many points Stackoverflow can help A LOT when you want to find a job as a developer)

6 - Why does AzerothCore not mimic blizzlike bugs or exploits?

Although we strive to provide blizzlike content we also value user experience. This means that we sometimes fix bugs or exploits which existed during retail at the time to provide a better overall experience for the players.


1 - Mysql has gone away

Change the max packet size in your mysql configuration (and report on our github which SQL file is to be incriminated). Check this


1 - I need a new hook for my custom module, what can I do?

You can add the hook to your own fork (cf: Create a new Hook) and create a new Pull Request to the official repository so we can validate it and merge it.