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Generic MySQL clients

We recommend to use a generic client to access and manage your MySQL/MariaDB databases.

With a MySQL client you can easily create/view/edit/delete your database/tables and their contents.

Here's a list of free and open source clients (feel free to edit this page to suggest your favourite):

  • HeidiSQL - works on Windows as well as on Linux using wine
  • DBeaver - cross-platform
  • SequelAce - for macOS, you can install it with brew cask install sequel-ace
  • phpMyAdmin - web app written in PHP (cross-platform)

Official AzerothCore DB Editor: Keira3

Keira3 is the official Database Editor of AzerothCore.

It allows you to view and edit your world DB contents by automatically generating the SQL code that you need.

Note that Keira3 is not meant to be used as a generic MySQL client, so we recommend to download Keira3 and one of the MySQL clients listed above. They serve different purposes.