Method Quest:HasFlag [-] [+]

Returns 'true' if the Quest has the specified flag, false otherwise. Below flags are based off of 3.3.5a. Subject to change.

enum QuestFlags
    // Flags used at server and sent to client
    QUEST_FLAGS_NONE                    = 0x0,
    QUEST_FLAGS_STAY_ALIVE              = 0x1,       // Not used currently
    QUEST_FLAGS_PARTY_ACCEPT            = 0x2,       // Not used currently. If player in party, all players that can accept this quest will receive confirmation box to accept quest CMSG_QUEST_CONFIRM_ACCEPT/SMSG_QUEST_CONFIRM_ACCEPT
    QUEST_FLAGS_EXPLORATION             = 0x4,       // Not used currently
    QUEST_FLAGS_SHARABLE                = 0x8,       // Can be shared: Player::CanShareQuest()
    QUEST_FLAGS_HAS_CONDITION           = 0x10,      // Not used currently
    QUEST_FLAGS_HIDE_REWARD_POI         = 0x20,      // Not used currently: Unsure of content
    QUEST_FLAGS_RAID                    = 0x40,      // Not used currently
    QUEST_FLAGS_TBC                     = 0x80,      // Not used currently: Available if TBC expansion enabled only
    QUEST_FLAGS_NO_MONEY_FROM_XP        = 0x100,     // Not used currently: Experience is not converted to gold at max level
    QUEST_FLAGS_HIDDEN_REWARDS          = 0x200,     // Items and money rewarded only sent in SMSG_QUESTGIVER_OFFER_REWARD (not in SMSG_QUESTGIVER_QUEST_DETAILS or in client quest log(SMSG_QUEST_QUERY_RESPONSE))
    QUEST_FLAGS_TRACKING                = 0x400,     // These quests are automatically rewarded on quest complete and they will never appear in quest log client side.
    QUEST_FLAGS_DEPRECATE_REPUTATION    = 0x800,     // Not used currently
    QUEST_FLAGS_DAILY                   = 0x1000,    // Used to know quest is Daily one
    QUEST_FLAGS_FLAGS_PVP               = 0x2000,    // Having this quest in log forces PvP flag
    QUEST_FLAGS_UNAVAILABLE             = 0x4000,    // Used on quests that are not generically available
    QUEST_FLAGS_WEEKLY                  = 0x8000,
    QUEST_FLAGS_AUTOCOMPLETE            = 0x10000,   // auto complete
    QUEST_FLAGS_DISPLAY_ITEM_IN_TRACKER = 0x20000,   // Displays usable item in quest tracker
    QUEST_FLAGS_OBJ_TEXT                = 0x40000,   // use Objective text as Complete text
    QUEST_FLAGS_AUTO_ACCEPT             = 0x80000,   // The client recognizes this flag as auto-accept. However, NONE of the current quests (3.3.5a) have this flag. Maybe blizz used to use it, or will use it in the future.

    // ... 4.x added flags up to 0x80000000 - all unknown for now


hasFlag = Quest:HasFlag( flag )


QuestFlags flag

All available flags can be seen above.


boolean hasFlag
See method description.

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