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MapScript< TMap > Member List

This is the complete list of members for MapScript< TMap >, including all inherited members.

_mapEntryMapScript< TMap >private
_mapIdMapScript< TMap >private
checkMap()MapScript< TMap >inline
GetEntry()MapScript< TMap >inline
MapScript(uint32 mapId)MapScript< TMap >inlineprotected
OnCreate(TMap *)MapScript< TMap >inlinevirtual
OnDestroy(TMap *)MapScript< TMap >inlinevirtual
OnLoadGridMap(TMap *, GridMap *, uint32, uint32)MapScript< TMap >inlinevirtual
OnPlayerEnter(TMap *, Player *)MapScript< TMap >inlinevirtual
OnPlayerLeave(TMap *, Player *)MapScript< TMap >inlinevirtual
OnUnloadGridMap(TMap *, GridMap *, uint32, uint32)MapScript< TMap >inlinevirtual
OnUpdate(TMap *, uint32) overrideMapScript< TMap >inlinevirtual
UpdatableScript()=defaultUpdatableScript< TMap >protected