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lfg::LfgProposal Struct Reference

#include "LFGMgr.h"

Public Member Functions

 LfgProposal (uint32 dungeon=0)

Public Attributes

uint32 id {0}
 Proposal Id.
uint32 dungeonId
 Dungeon to join.
LfgProposalState state {LFG_PROPOSAL_INITIATING}
 State of the proposal.
ObjectGuid group
 Proposal group (0 if new)
ObjectGuid leader
 Leader guid.
time_t cancelTime {0}
 Time when we will cancel this proposal.
uint32 encounters {0}
 Dungeon Encounters.
bool isNew {true}
 Determines if it's new group or not.
Lfg5Guids queues
 Queue Ids to remove/readd.
LfgGuidList showorder
 Show order in update window.
LfgProposalPlayerContainer players
 Players data.

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LfgProposal()

lfg::LfgProposal::LfgProposal ( uint32  dungeon = 0)
356 : dungeonId(dungeon)
357 { }
uint32 dungeonId
Dungeon to join.
Definition: LFGMgr.h:360

Member Data Documentation

◆ cancelTime

time_t lfg::LfgProposal::cancelTime {0}

Time when we will cancel this proposal.

Referenced by lfg::LFGQueue::CheckCompatibility().

◆ dungeonId

uint32 lfg::LfgProposal::dungeonId

◆ encounters

uint32 lfg::LfgProposal::encounters {0}

◆ group

ObjectGuid lfg::LfgProposal::group

◆ id

uint32 lfg::LfgProposal::id {0}

◆ isNew

bool lfg::LfgProposal::isNew {true}

◆ leader

ObjectGuid lfg::LfgProposal::leader

◆ players

◆ queues

Lfg5Guids lfg::LfgProposal::queues

◆ showorder

LfgGuidList lfg::LfgProposal::showorder

Show order in update window.

◆ state