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CoordPair< LIMIT > Member List

This is the complete list of members for CoordPair< LIMIT >, including all inherited members.

CoordPair(uint32 x=0, uint32 y=0)CoordPair< LIMIT >inline
CoordPair(const CoordPair< LIMIT > &obj)CoordPair< LIMIT >inline
dec_x(uint32 val)CoordPair< LIMIT >inline
dec_y(uint32 val)CoordPair< LIMIT >inline
GetId() constCoordPair< LIMIT >inline
inc_x(uint32 val)CoordPair< LIMIT >inline
inc_y(uint32 val)CoordPair< LIMIT >inline
IsCoordValid() constCoordPair< LIMIT >inline
normalize()CoordPair< LIMIT >inline
operator=(const CoordPair< LIMIT > &obj)CoordPair< LIMIT >inline
x_coordCoordPair< LIMIT >
y_coordCoordPair< LIMIT >