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MovementGeneratorFactory< Movement > Member List

This is the complete list of members for MovementGeneratorFactory< Movement >, including all inherited members.

_keyFactoryHolder< T, O, Key >private
Create(Unit *) constMovementGeneratorFactory< Movement >inline
FactoryHolder::Create(O *object=nullptr) const =0FactoryHolder< T, O, Key >pure virtual
FactoryHolder(Key const &k)FactoryHolder< T, O, Key >inlineexplicit
FactoryHolderRegistry typedefFactoryHolder< T, O, Key >
MovementGeneratorFactory(MovementGeneratorType movementGeneratorType)MovementGeneratorFactory< Movement >inline
RegisterSelf()FactoryHolder< T, O, Key >inline
~FactoryHolder()FactoryHolder< T, O, Key >inlinevirtual