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The `spell_group_stack_rules` table

Table defines if auras in one spell_group can’t stack with each other.

Notes: The table doesn’t affect persistent area auras stacking or passive auras stacking (they can stack always) or spells belonging to same spell_rank (they are always subject of SPELL_GROUP_STACK_RULE_EXCLUSIVE rule)

Field Type Attributes Key Null Default Extra Comment
group_id int(11) unsigned PRI NO 0    
stack_rule tinyint(3) signed   NO 0    

Description of the fields


Id of group in spell_group table. The spell_group may contain another spell_groups inside, if so stacking rule needs to be defined for these groups separately.


Enum SpellGroupStackRule in core:

Id Stack Rule Name Description
0 SPELL_GROUP_STACK_RULE_DEFAULT No stacking rule defined - placeholder
1 SPELL_GROUP_STACK_RULE_EXCLUSIVE Auras from group can’t stack with each other
2 SPELL_GROUP_STACK_RULE_EXCLUSIVE_FROM_SAME_CASTER Auras from group can’t stack with each other when cast by same caster
3 SPELL_GROUP_STACK_RULE_EXCLUSIVE_SAME_EFFECT Same effects of spells will not stack, yet auras will remain on a target
4 SPELL_GROUP_STACK_RULE_EXCLUSIVE_HIGHEST Only Highest effect will remain on target

A spell should be in only 1 group with this stack rule.