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AzerothCore and our modules is following directory structure standard from hw-core:

Standard Directory Structure

This structure is conformed to our modular architecture

 AzerothCore Wotlk directory structure:

  • bin
    contains binaries/scripts for this project

  • conf
    Project configuration files

  • data All data such as sql, documents etc.

  • modules
    • acore
      • game-framework
        Package that contains the framework to implement a wow server

      • extractors
        Collection of ClientData extractors tools

      • [other-modules]

    • worldengine
      • deps
        package that contains required legacy 3rd party deps for worldengine. In future will will use dedicated modules

      • nucleus
        [Re]sources required by entire worldengine system

      • [other-modules]
        All other modules from worldengine, such as lib-collision etc. We will use only them required by azerothcore project.

    • uwd
      mostly tools and other useful modules

    • hw-core
      generic cross-language and cross-platform libraries
  • src
    All sources strictly related to this application/project and wotlk server version